About Us

Imagine the future and fill in the gaps with Altux Innovation. Step into the coming times with a cleaner and greener environment. With Altux Innovation Private Limited, we took a step ahead in replacing the expensive and exhaustible form of energy used in electric vehicles with a cheap and convenient battery-operated formula. This conducive method produces zero to no pollution, which will lead to a generation with a safe and healthy environment with zero health hazards.

Altux Innovation is the new future for electronic vehicles that reduces the dependence on fossil fuels like petrol and diesel. This brand is presently engaged in manufacturing, wholesaling, and supplying a comprehensive assortment of battery-operated scooters, battery-operated rickshaws, and battery-operated power bikes.


The sole aim of Altux Innovation is to evolve. Evolve into the future of energy consumption and generation without harming the environment to sustain a life that will run smoothly on electric-battery vehicles with high performance, longer service life, comfortable seating, and low maintenance.

The manufacturing unit of Altux Innovation believes in delivering state-of-the-art technology with assured and guaranteed components that have been monitored and passed through several quality checks. Every product and its components are checked by quality experts at each level to ensure smooth functioning and unique quality.

"ALTUX" is the brand-new venture of Altux Innovation Private Limited, jointly founded by Mr. Mahendra Yadav, Mr. Praveen K, Mr. Shankar Sinha and Mr. Abhay Arora. They believe that the automobile industry has enormous potential in thriving markets around the world. They emphasize the concept of developing and promoting better quality and energy-efficient vehicles for the next generation.

After continuous assessment and research for two years, Altux became a part of our lives. It is an Indian organization with its manufacturing and operational base in Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan state. Here, the manufacturing unit is equipped with the finest technology and devices, with a team of experienced and competent engineers and an operations team under the strong leadership of our founders.

Every product displayed and marketed by Altux works on the principle of exquisiteness and reliability, as every product displayed and marketed by the company undergoes all the quality checks as directed by the government of India and the ethics of the company itself.


ALTUX has wide range of powerful electric vehicles for every generation according to their choice.


Our Mission


We are continuously
upgrading our network to reach every person who appreciate us.



ALTUX is giving yrs warranty of all
major parts of our electric vehicles. So ride tension free.


The foundation of Altux Innovation is laid on the principle of creating a reliable mode of transport without damaging the purity of nature.

Our venture promotes a wide variety of classic to modern vehicles for every section of society at a convenient price.

Altux works on the motto "customer first" any need, query, and suggestions from the clients and customers are welcomed 24X7 and will be dealt with, with utmost priority.

All major components of electronic vehicles come with years of guaranteed warranty features.

Our Motto

Altux Innovation believes in "creator to client" interaction. As communication is the soul of an advancing company, we believe in soul-to-soul interaction between the company and client to promote a homely, comfortable yet profitable environment.